Interview: Waldorf, MD Based Rap Artist and Producer DonnieABSTRAXT


donnieABSTRAXT is a talented rap artist and producer from Waldorf, MD and earlier this week we featured his track "Panic Attaxk". We connected with him for this Q&A to learn more about the "Panic Attaxk" song, find out his motivation behind writing and producing it, what he wants people to take away from the experience of listening to one of his creations for the first time and much more.

Tell us about your name donnieABSTRAXT. How did you come up with it and what does it mean to you?

Donnie is a nickname I’ve had for a couple years. I remember my bro Mitoga coming to my job and telling me I look like Donnie from The Wild Thornberries. I was like on week 4 without a haircut and I looked freaking crazy. ABSTRAXT is how I would describe myself. A thought that can’t find existence.

You mention that Kid Cudi has been a big influence on your music. What about him as an artist do you admire, but at the same time, how are you different?

I really admire the way he was able to connect with so many individuals through his music. It’s powerful stuff. But his worries and my worries are different. We express our thoughts and feelings in different ways. He’s great at what he does. I’ll be great too.

Salute to you for your new track "Panic Attaxk". What motivated you to create it and who handled the production? Can we expect a video for the track?

I actually produced "Panic Attaxk". It’s crazy like one night after I finally calmed myself down after having a panic attack I came up with the idea. It's like a reminder to myself and a message to others with the same issues that you can’t let your anxiety define you. I do really want to do a video for it. A visual for "Panic Attaxk" would be dope so I definitely have that on my list.

Describe your “SoulBroken” EP for us. How many songs do you think will end up on it and will "Panic Attaxk" be featured?

Dark. Edgy. This project is me sharing my experience with depression. What I did to cope; how I started to climb my way out, all in a 7 track EP and yes "Panic Attaxk" will be one of the featured tracks.

When someone listens to a donnieABSTRAXT song for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

I want people to know that I understand. I want my music to be something they can relate to; an outlet for whoever needs it.

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