Interview: Westchester, NY Rapper Lørd Burns Discusses His New Track "Chester Chronicles, Vol. 1", His Creative Process, and More

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Salute to Westchester, NY rap artist Lørd Burns who connected with us for an exclusive interview to discuss his newly released track "Chester Chronicles, Vol. 1", his creative process, and much more.

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Congratulations on your new single "Chester Chronicles, Vol. 1". Who produced it and how did the track come about? 

Thank you, I appreciate that. I’ve actually had the beat on my laptop for so long I’ve forgotten where I came across the gem. The only thing I remember from when I first heard it was that eerie violin that just ties the entire instrumental together. 

As for creating the track, what I really tried my best to do was embody the culture and everyday life I experience in my home of Westchester, NY. I believe that we’re slept on heavy in a contemporary sense.  You know back in the day you had DMX and The LOX reppin’ Y.O.(Yonkers); Pete Rock, CL Smooth and of course Heavy D out of Mount V. Probably a few more that slipped my mind but really that’s it, so I took it upon myself to get it popping again and ultimately cemented. 

After "Chester Chronicles, Vol. 1", what are your goals musically for the rest of the year?

KEEP DROPPING HEAT! Haha that’s the primary focus, but I’m also planning on releasing a small body of work in the near future called "Lost Tapes Vol 1". I can’t speak much on it now but know I’m working hard and it shows cuz that bitch is knocking. 

You labeled the song "Vol. 1", can we expect a "Vol. 2"?

Hmmmmmm! That’s the real question isn’t it? Story telling in hip-hop will always be like icing on the cake for me, like you’re telling me you can make a fire ass song while conveying yours or someone else’s experience while remaining cohesive to the plot? Shit is a talent. And that’s why the dopest storytellers are at the top of the game now and it’s always been like that.  So hopefully I can continue to work on that aspect of my pen, which means you’re just gonna have to keep listening to find out haha. 

Describe your creative process when it comes to developing songs. 

Lights off, 8 coconut candles, butt naked, with Anita Baker blasting. Haha nah I’m fucking with you, my creative process has been kinda wacky lately since I’ve been moving around nonstop it’s hard to keep a set routine or ritual. Recently I’ve only been writing to instrumentals and that’s a bad habit because for me, this whole thing started off as just writing freeform. Imagine I was 4 years old scouring for beats and shit, work ethic on a whole nother level haha. So yeah the question has made me realize I need to set more time aside and regain that intimacy with my pen again. 

What do you look for in the beats that you select to make songs with? Do you have a go-to producer that you like to collaborate with? 

First and foremost the beat has to - in the only way I can describe - kinda speak to me. Like I know I fuck with a beat off rip if bars come the second I hear it since I’ve been doing this for so long. So if I don’t get that initial spark of creativity, I throw it away and that doesn’t mean the beat is bad, it is just not for me. 

As for producers I work with a few @Marso @Sadimsad but if I have to think about whose beats I’ve been writing to the most lately is a producer out of Long Island @Kidbvku, he’s deadass wilding right now not even gonna lie to you. He’s worked with way bigger names than me and gained success for himself but still always keeps it 100 and holds it down with the sauce you know. Real shit. Besides that there are a few more who I will be working with soon. 

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