Interview: Whisper the Coke God Talks About His New Single "You Don't Want It", How His Name Originated and More


Our latest exclusive interview is with Joliet, Ill based rapper Whisper the Coke God who recently dropped a fire track called "You Don't Want It" featuring iLL Will. During the Q&A with Whisper we discuss how his name came about, how he connected with iLL Will on the track, why Twista is such a big influence on his music and much more. After reading our interview with Whisper the Coke God, be sure to follow him on his social media streams to stay up to date on what's next to come from this talented artist.

Breakdown your name "Whisper the Coke God". How did it originate and what does it mean?

This is a funny one actually, a lot of people have asked me what it means. I’m glad I finally get to address it publicly lol. Whisper The Coke God, is not “The Cocaine God” like everyone thinks lmao. Whisper is the nickname of the guy that gave my mom her first tattoo, which is bootleg btw lol. I thought it sounded cool, so shoutout him wherever he’s at. And “Coke God” is because my mom works at Coca Cola, so she be bringing hella Coke and Sprite home. So basically my name is inspired by my mother. 

You mentioned that you originally started rapping with the lyrical component being very important but you realized that it didn't get much love, so you kind of "dumbed" your rhymes down. Are you disappointed at all that you had to do that?

I’m not really disappointed that I had to “dumb down” my lyrics, I kinda just accepted that it’s not what people want to listen to nowadays. I understand the problem and I adapted to it, and I’m glad I did because now I feel I’m getting the attention I deserve.

Congrats on your track with iLL Will "You Don't Want It". How did you guys connect on this track and who handled the production?

First I’d like to say thank you, coming from both Will and I. Originally I met him thru SoundCloud messages, he stumbled across my music, messaged me, and we set up a plan to collab. “You Don’t Want It” is a single from his EP “Wicked One”, that we released on my account to hype it up. We kinda knew from the beginning it would do decent numbers so it all worked out smoothly.

Tell us about the two groups you are in - XXIX & Trill Club Music Group. How are the different?

XXIX is a group I made with my long time friend IHATEPVRPL, who used to go by Akwafeena. Him and I run merchandise and plan on expanding in the future into our own brand. I’m also a part of Trill Club, which I thank Will for convincing them to give me a chance, we’re a family. There’s so many talented people in there that deserve more attention then they have. And I’d say the two are different probably because Trill Club might have a bit more clout to its name at the moment, but personally I’m more attached to XXIX due to what me and Garza (IHATEPVRPL) has been thru to get it where it is right now. 

Why is Chicago legend Twista such an influence on your music?

Personally to me, I think rapping at a fast pace WHILE being able to understand what’s being said is way harder then it sounds. Which makes it more satisfying when you’re able to pull it off correctly, and the way Twista did it was so iconic and influential. 

What's next after "You Don't Want It"? Will we hear a Whisper the Coke God mixtape or EP this spring or summer?

After “You Don’t Want It” from me and Will’s standpoint, we constantly try and drop new music. Our styles and voices just go so well together, we recently dropped “Dat Wet Wet” not too long ago. As for what’s next as an individual standpoint, I’m currently riding the wave of all the attention I’m getting from you guys and my upcoming show May 27th, and also slowly growing my brand and fan base. So I don’t plan on slowing down, Imma just keep being humble and grinding. 

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