Interview: Bakersfield, CA Based Producer And Rap Artist Eddie Brock

Eddie Brock interview feature

Eddie Brock is a Bakersfield, CA based music producer, video director, rap artist, podcaster, and photographer who just released the epic visual for his song "Nowhere to Go". We connected with Eddie to get the scoop on "Nowhere to Go" and whether it will land on an upcoming EP or album, what he enjoys doing on his time off, what he considers his biggest accomplishment thus far and much more.

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Your new video for "Nowhere to Go" is one of the best visuals we've seen in a long time. What inspired the vampire theme and how long did it take to shoot? Were the actresses twins (*you don't have to answer lol)?

The music video was heavily inspired by the the vampire movie The Lost Boys. I was a huge fan of that movie as a kid and u ESPECIALLY loved the soundtrack. It took us three separate days to shoot everything we wanted and no they were not related haha.

Will we be able to hear "Nowhere to Go" on an upcoming EP or album this year?

I'm still weighing the possibility of having that song on my project because that song is so different than anything I have ever released. It's also so different than the rest of the project so I'm still deciding on if it will be only a single release or if it will be on the project.

As a music producer, rap artist, photographer, podcaster and video director, how do you juggle all the responsibilities? And which do you consider yourself first?

I'm a producer first and foremost.  I love to produce artist. I love taking an idea an artist may come with and elevating it past what they may have thought possible.  Producing and rapping we're the first things that came to me... Everything has came out of just necessity and wanting to also help other artist. I love it all.

And when you are not doing all of the above, what do you enjoy to do on your off time?

When I'm not being creative I love to try to spend time with my family and loved ones. I love to cook, and I have been spending time in the gym trying to get healthy. I have spent way too many years sitting in front of a computer making music hahaha. I'm a big basketball, and pro wrestling fan so those are the dominant things I watch when I do watch a tv. 

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Tell us about your "Hip Hop is Eddie Brock" podcast. Where can everyone watch and/or listen to it?

The Hip Hop is Eddie Brock podcast is well can be found on Facebook Live on my Facebook page it is just another avenue for artists to be able to submit music videos and then myself and the live audience give feedback in comment on what's being played live I also have other artists come in and talk about their upcoming projects and whatever else they have going on the podcast also is distributed through iTunes, Google Play and other audio distributors so any artist that will love to have their music video featured on the Facebook Live version of the podcast can always contact me.

Of all of the artists you've worked with and song placements you've had on Shade 45, etc., up to now, what would you consider your biggest accomplishment? Why?

Some of the biggest milestones so far since I have been doing music would have to be the Shade 45 placements as well as being on B Real TV and in 2015 getting the honors of being the best album to come out of my city according to the local newspaper which is the Bakersfield Californian.  That in particular is a huge honor because this city is predominantly known for country music so to get that honor over country and alternative music when hip hop is not in the forefront here is amazing also being able to work with a lot of the artist that I have been blessed to work with who I look up to in the music industry so far it's also a blessing.

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