Interview: Brooklyn Based Indie, Pop And Folk Artist Darryl Rahn

Darryl Rahn is a Brooklyn based indie, folk, and pop artist, originally from Utica, NY, who first started writing songs in 7th grade. Fast forward a few years and Darryl is now on tour in support of his recently released album "Everything Is Fine". We connected with him to find out what he's most proud of with the new album, he describes his creative process for us, as well as life on tour, and much more.

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Tell us about your latest release "Everything Is Fine". What are you most proud of with this new album and what does the title mean to you?

The record was written and recorded over the course of 2016, and represents a real weird but important time in my life. I had just graduated from college, moved out of my parent’s house, got a job waiting tables, and started playing a lot of shows on the road. For the first time, I was really on my own and had to sort out a lot of personal stuff. I think that came through in this batch of songs. I’m most proud of ‘Stompin’ Ground.’
What's life on tour like for you currently? Do you have a favorite song from your catalog that you enjoy performing live?

This summer, the shows have been really great for the most part. I’ve mainly stayed on the east coast, but have hit some new towns. It’s also allowed me to reconnect with some people I haven’t seen in years, which is nice because I'm usually traveling alone. Right now, I’m having a great time playing ‘Look at Her Now.’

Describe your creative process for us when it comes to developing your songs. Are you able to write songs anywhere or do you need to be in a certain environment to project your creativity?

Sometimes a hook or a melody will hit me on the subway or walking or whatever, but I try to be really disciplined when it comes to writing. I wake up around 6 every morning, go for a run, and then sit down and try to write for two hours before the obligations start piling up. After the initial idea comes, it usually takes a week for it to be totally done in my head. I’d love to be able to write anywhere, but I usually need to be at my desk with no distractions. 

What do you enjoy the most about being an artist and what frustrates you the most?

When a song of mine connects with someone, and they tell me they’ve felt the exact same way, or have been through the same situation, it’s one of the best feelings. I think the most frustrating part is just the overstimulation we’re all accustomed to now. It’s hard to try and make someone care about your song when there are literally millions of other things they could be looking at or listening to.

If you could record and perform a collaborative song with any artist (dead or alive) in front of an audience, who would you choose? Why?

John Moreland. I’d just love to see how he taps into such a deep place lyrically.

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