Interview: Brooklyn Rap Artist Riley Writtens

Riley Writtens interview.jpg

Riley Writtens is a Brooklyn based emcee who just dropped a very DOPE 5-track EP called "FIF", so it's only right that we connect with him for an exclusive interview. During our interview with Riley we discuss how he got started rapping, his motivation to create "FIF", his goals for the new year and much more.

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Tell us about how you got started rapping. Who were your musical influences when you were coming up?

In my teens, I started watching House Party heavily til one day, it inspired to write my 1st 8 bars at 16 yrs old. It was corny as hell (lol) but I was shocked & proud it came from me. So I decided to give it a year to see if it was something short or long term. When I turned 18 and realized I had 1 full folder & 3 notebooks full of material, I knew it was long term. 

Growing up in Brooklyn, I listened to Biggie, Jay Z, The Lox, etc. But the rapper I gravitate to the most was Eminem. His wordplay amazed me and still does. Plus I related to him: a young man that constantly moved around, was bullied, family problems, depression, etc. I related to him entirely. Yeah, definitely Eminem.

Congratulations on the release of your new EP "FIF". What motivated you to create it and who is your ideal listener for it?

After I lost my original content, I was real depressed. Took the wind out of me. After I talked to 2 ppl separately, within 24-48 hrs, I was writing brand new material.  Honestly, it just came to me. I never question how the creativity and vision comes to me. I know that I'm the recipient and just extremely grateful and excited to receive the creativity. My ideal someone that simply enjoys good music (lol). If you enjoy good music with dope sounds, this is for you.

Of the five songs on "FIF", which song would you say represents you the most as an artist? Why?

"Would You Listen". Because one of the main things I strive for is to be heard. I just wanna be heard. I just wanna be heard by those that are willing to listen to me whenever I have something special to say, whether it comes from mind or heart. 

Can we expect a visual for one or several of the tracks on "FIF"?

One of the visuals from FIF is on available on YouTube, "Where My Phone Go". Directed by Jahmel Reynolds of Ren Revolution who is also one of the third executive producers on the EP. I'm aiming to do a visual for Say No More before the year is out. Keep the folks posted on that.

With 2017 winding down, what would you say your goals are for 2018 as an artist?

To continually grow as an artist as well as an individual. To learn more of myself as well as the artistry realm that I'm in. To continue to discover new sounds as well as artists along the journey. Trusting the process. Continue moving. To be more appreciative of the lane I'm in but to keep that non contention that pushes me to continually build in my lane as well as keeping me sharp in the lyrics department. 

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