Interview: Los Angeles Based RnB/Pop Singer-Songwriter Aeriel

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We recently connected with LA-based RnB/Pop singer-songwriter Aeriel to talk about her new music video "Be Down", her upcoming EP "Sad Girls Club", her musical influences and how she stands apart, and much more.

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We really dig your new music video "Be Down". You and your backup dancers killed the choreography. How long did it take to get the moves down and who choreographed the dance routine?

Thank you, glad you all enjoyed it! It was choreographed by Lia Dominique. She’s an amazing upcoming choreographer and dancer and she was able take the song and create something that perfectly matched the emotions. I started learned the choreo a couple of weeks before the shoot and after a couple of practice sessions we were good to go.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP "Sad Girls Club"? Do you have a definitive release date and how many songs will be included? Also, what subject matter will you be covering on it?

The EP has 5 songs that were all written by myself and produced by Corey Michael and Godflow. The songs in this EP have chronicled the relationships I’ve had over the past year, both romantically and platonically, so there’s a range of emotions. I tried to play with different lyrical styles and sounds, while still making a cohesive body of work. As a new artist, you never really know what will resonate with people, as well as what will move a live audience. So I’m excited to see people’s reactions and take it all in for the next project. No official release date has been set yet, but be expecting it before the end of the year.

Your biography mentions that you were shy and quiet when you were younger. What motivated you to start being more public about your musical talent?

I’ve always been a very introverted person and that still hasn’t changed. In fact, if you catch me when I’m not performing I probably wouldn’t come off as an artist. But at some point you have to decide if you’re going to let your fears be greater than your dreams, and I just couldn’t let that happen. So I started playing more shows, and performing originals live to find myself as an artist.

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Who are some artists who have influenced you throughout the years and what sets you apart from them as an artist? 

I have a lot of influences both old school and new. I’d say my biggest influences as a songwriter are Smokey Robinson, Stevie Nicks, and Stevie Wonder, but I’m also so inspired by all the great female R&B artists producing such great content right now. What sets me apart from the artists I grew up on and admire is my ability to use the same songwriting techniques, but shed a light current issues happening in our society through my own experiences. The world is changing and in this day in age people are searching for transparency and vulnerability, and that's something I’m definitely willing to do.

What do you enjoy the most about being an artist or a creative person in general? Conversely, what do you enjoy the least?

It’s really cool to see a song grow from its inception to release. Every song has a life and a journey, so thats definitely my favorite part of the process. I would say my least favorite part of being an artist is the are certain aspects of the business side. As an independent artist you have to wear many hats to make sure you’re heard and that business hustle/grind is equally as important to your music. But sometimes you want to be able to just create.

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