Interview With Nostalgic Chill-Hop Producer JINSANG

Jinsang has been trickling a hefty collection of vibrant snippets since his debut single, "Summer's Day" in September of 2014. Now, three years and five solid releases later, all that Jinsang (real name Ben) has done is completely master the art of jazzy hip hop grooves. I had the pleasure to talk to him about the future of his musical endeavors.

Jinsang is a pretty unique name. How did that name come up?

I honestly got it off from reading the ingredients off an Arizona can I just drank back then. I had no personal connection with it, but the name just rung with me at the time.

Well, what is your real name?

My real name is Ben.

Do you have any musical background before you became a beat maker?

I've toyed with piano in my childhood and played guitar for a bit in high school, but other than that I have none.

Okay, I asked that because a lot of the samples in your music are very old school R&B, jazz, and old Hollywood style string accompaniment. Are you more influence with music of the past?

Yeah, I grew up with a lot of jazz and 70s music as a kid. My parents liked it a lot.

What are your thoughts on most mainstream hip-hop playing on the top 40?

Whatever pleases the masses

Your music is so atmospheric, would you ever be interested in scoring a movie?

Never thought about doing it, but that would be dope!!

Your beats contain such a natural ear for melodies, you would be great as a producer or spread your talent on a collaboration.

Thank you!

What’s one artist you would love to work with?

I haven't really had any artist I've thought on collaborating with at the moment.

Well, what are you going to do after school? Is music your only venture?

Music is nothing more than a hobby for me. I'm pursuing a job in audio engineering.

Audio engineering? That's not a bad route.

Your album titles, “kona park”, “solitude”, your newest record “life” they all have very specific themes. What does each album you made represent to you?

These albums were really just myself putting the atmospheres or vibes I felt during various periods of my life. Kona was like reminiscing on the simplicity of summer back in 2013. Solitude was when I was at a point in where I just felt I had disconnected from most people I was close with, and the beats I made were just a way to cope with it. Life was for a transition I had from high school to college, a new step in life I was curious for. 

Has a lot changed since you first release your debut “Summer’s Day” back in 2014?

Most definitely. My craft has changed a lot since then.

I believe you create one of the best style of ‘chill-hop’ today. Not a question i'm just glad i get to chat with an artist I like.

Cool! Much appreciated!

If you want to hear some of his meditated lo-fi glory, check out my top ten tracks of the young producer below:

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