Q&A with Raleigh based Pop/Rock band Nikol

Nikol is a six-piece EDGY Pop/Rock band out of Raleigh, NC - similar to the sounds of Paramore, Flyleaf and Evanescence. The band's first full-length album, "Bittersweet", is available now on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Nikol has been back in the studio recording a 5 song EP, "White Lies", with Drew Fulk (Upon A Burning Body, Motionless in White, For All Those Sleeping, etc.) and Kile O'Dell (Failure Anthem, Motionless in White, Cursed Sails, etc.). There is a music video, filmed by Aaron Marsh, set to release with the EP in the Summer of 2016 and Nikol was named the winner for Female Rock at the 2015 Carolina Music Awards. On top of that amazing accolade, Nikol is also one of the winners of the DOPECAUSEWESAID campaign on ReverbNation to find the DOPEST emerging artists in the world. Out of more than 4,500 Pop, RnB, Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic songs reviewed, we selected Nikol and the explanation for why is rather self-explanatory if you listen to their music. We connected with lead singer Nikol to find out how the band came together, to find out more about their recently released album "Bittersweet" and much more.

Carlton Boyd

How did you and your bandmates come together to form Nikol?

Through the local music scene and relationships from other bands - it's been a long road trying to find each other (for myself especially), but I think we are all really excited to be in this together.

Tell me about your first full length album "Bittersweet" which was recently released. Out of the eight songs on the album, do you have a favorite? And where can people find it?

My first full length record, "Bittersweet", got it's title from the songs themselves, it ultimately brings them all together - life lessons are hard to learn sometimes, but you come out stronger as you grow through it all.
My favorite song has always been "Denial".
The record is on iTunes, PandoraSpotifyAmazon...kind of all over (:
Updates are always posted on our official website: www.nikolmusik.com (like our first music video and new single, "Outside The Lines", releasing on April 8!!)

Do comparisons to Paramore and Evanescence annoy you or do you look at it as a compliment?

Oh. my. goodness. HUGE compliment!!!! I love BOTH of those bands - Paramore has been my favorite for years now (I doubt any band will ever top them on my "list").

How gratifying was it to be winner for Female Rock at the 2015 Carolina Music Awards? Did you have a speech prepared?

When they were announcing the winner I was actually clapping for the "winner" before I realized it was us, hahaha
I had thought about what I would say if we were to win, but I really just wanted to thank everyone involved in making the record and to those who took the time to vote - each and every supporter we come across means SO MUCH - we can't do it without support.

What are your thoughts about the music scene for emerging artists in Raleigh? Do you think that this area could become the next Atlanta or Austin?

Raleigh is definitely growing and I'd like to see it get as big as Atlanta, Austin, or any other large city with a killer music scene!!

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Check out this teaser for Nikol's upcoming video "Outside The Lines, dropping on April 8th: