Interview: Sydney, Australia Based RnB Singer And Producer Zde

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Zde is an RnB singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Sydney, Australia who recently released the visual for his latest single "Beauty". We connected with Zde to find out how he got his start in music, his influences, whether "Beauty" is autobiographical, and much more. 

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Australia isn't really known as a hotbed for RnB, or urban music in general. How did you get your start in music and were there any Australian RnB/Soul or Hip-Hop artists who influenced you?

You're right yes, I got my start from my parents. My father is a musician and comes from a famous musical family in Indonesia, and my mother used to play a lot of R&B music around the house. Since then, I used to follow the Urban (African-American) music scene by keeping up to date with magazines like 'Word Up' that used to be imported. I used to listen to R&B programs on community radio and scour outlets for R&B music by any means necessary! I was majorly influenced by US artists. Of course there is local talent whom you would hang out with, (shout out to Kween G) that would influence you too.

Tell us about your new single/visual "Beauty". How did that song come about? Is it about someone in particular?

“Beauty” came about by this girl I dated a few years ago, she left an impact on me because she was beautiful and circumstances just wouldn’t let it happen. The track itself, well it's actually a remix. The original is slower in BPM (and it is on soundcloud), so technically this version (the video one) is the remix. I had an epiphany after some time out and had to restructure it to give it a more natural/soulful vibe.

Speaking of "Beauty", will this single be included on an upcoming project?

That's a good question. I have some songs that could be put together for an EP/Album, so it would definitely be included. However, I still have no title yet as I am working on songs.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which words would you select?

Soulful, laid-back and R&B.

What do you enjoy most about producing music for other artists?

I enjoy the fact that I can collaborate. Soundscaping for another artist. Just trying to bring the best out of someone is what does it for me on a track, making the overall production sound good.

Tell us about your "Shake The World" project. Will you be releasing another EP of music using your production solely?

I had to release something at the time of release for “Shake The World”. As a producer, I don’t have any plans for another production EP release at this stage. Looks like it's mostly solo at this point, however I still am working with and am open to working with other artists.

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