Interview: Worcester, MA Rapper Leon Legacy Talks About His New Single/Video "Live Life Stay Awesome"

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Our latest exclusive interview is with Worcester, MA based rapper Leon Legacy. The talented emcee has recently dropped his new single/video “Live Life Stay Awesome”, so it’s only right that we connect with him to find out more about the release, as well as learn more about the current hip-hop music scene in Massachusetts, and much more.

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Big ups to you on the release of your new video "Live Life Stay Awesome"; it really looked like a fun visual to film. How did you and the director come up with the treatment for it?

Thanks, bro, and yeah shooting the video was a ball. I was actually homeless at the time, crashing on couches and going from place to place when the director hit me up. He is a close friend of mine and he had some time open up for a video shoot which is rare for him.

I had a night to get the treatment together. And a few weeks to pull the production and funds together. It was honestly a miracle it came together how it did. I wanted to do like a grown-up goonies type of vibe and it would have been sick to see what we could have pulled off with more time and a bigger budget, but I’m super proud of how it came out all things considered.

What originally inspired you to write "Live Life Stay Awesome" and would you say that the track has a message for the listeners?

I’ve always wanted to write a song that I felt really encapsulated what it’s like being a struggling young adult, trying to find your way in the world. Issues with relationships, sex and drugs, partying too much, and seeking a greater purpose in it all. I feel like that's a super relatable story for most young people these days.

I guess if anything, the message is that nobodies perfect, so don’t let that stop you from living life. Live life stay awesome.

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Will "Live Life Stay Awesome" be featured on an upcoming EP or album this year? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Currently, I don’t have any plans for EPs or albums in the near future. That could change. The last album release left me tapped and exhausted doing everything completely independent, and I just feel like this generation doesn’t have the attention span to listen to an entire album from an up and coming artists, so at this point in my career I just want to focus all my attention on crafting the best individual songs and videos I can and keep them coming consistently.

Name one good thing about the current Massachusetts hip-hop scene and what's a thing about it that you really dislike?

The Boston scene is pretty dope but I’m not out there too much. I do really like the Wreck Shop Movement which is mostly based out of Lynn, MA but they also do a lot of events in Boston and with Boston artists. Shout out Justice Born.

Right now I’m focusing my attention on the online music community and on my hometown of Worcester, which kind of going through a renaissance. Our very own Joyner Lucas just made it huge working with Eminem and Chris Brown; some of our producers out here have been getting major deals as well, and the arts, in general, are booming with some major festivals like “start on the street”, and “Beats and Barbecue”, which are gaining a lot of momentum. So the whole city is on a major come up. Boston better look out, cause Worcester is definitely next!

Why should everyone reading this interview take the time to check out your catalog on Spotify?

Like anyone who is a fan of my catalog knows, my music is mostly geared towards self-empowerment. I was a lonely kid growing up, I was poor and got bullied, I’ve even survived a very severe suicide attempt that left me hospitalized in the ICU so I know what it’s like to feel like shit, and to feel like you don’t matter, and I just want to make sure that nobody has to feel that way ever.

I want my songs to be a vehicle to transport the listener to a place of self-love and self-acceptance, and just making it an overall fun listening experience is a major part of it for me as well. So to whoever reading, if you vibe with that, I definitely recommend giving me a listen.

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