LA Based High Sunday Comes Correct With Their Debut Single "Wonderland"

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, High Sunday bring sizzling energy and a massive Hip-Hop presence to their debut single, 'Wonderland'. The group is an eclectic mix of talents that include Eddie Core, Ike Deezl, Nick Fazekas, Evann Lewis, Nicole Row, Drin Elliot and Ryan Evangelista; who consistently produce a fresh take on the genre by combining elements from Jazz, Rock, Reggae and Funk. They count their influences among Hip-Hop heavyweights like Eminem and Outkast, while incorporating an infusion of rock akin to the likes of Hendrix and The Doors. It's a sound that rejects typical genre convictions in the pursuit of creating an unforgettable experience.

High Sunday's new track 'Wonderland' packs a hypnotic punch with dizzying horns and chromatic synths.  Their progressive Hip-Hop is ample with booming basslines and menacing vocal layers, as they spit fresh lines over an unstoppable beat. It inspires emotion, from the anthemic atmosphere to the attention grabbing mix of instrumental anomalies, it's one of those tracks you want to have on repeat.

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