7 Incredibly Happy Songs For These Incredibly Unhappy Times

If you ask many of the people around you right now, most will tell you the world feels like it is circling the drain. Just spiraling down deeper and deeper into impenetrable darkness until there is no light to be seen and no hope to be found. While yes, it could be said that assessment is a bit dramatic and fatalist, that doesn’t take away the fact that many genuinely feel that. So what do you do when the world feels like it teetering on the brink of insanity, and everyone is anxious and unsettled and feels uneasy? That is when you bust out the happy jams! The music that is like Prozac and is so happy it immediately puts everyone who hears it into a good mood. While it may seem like that is only a temporary fix, it is, but how does that make it any less justified?  If happy music can distract people from this shitstorm we call life even for three minutes and thirty-three seconds at a time (that perfect length for a pop song, look it up) then so be it. Bring it on!

Here are 7 genuinely happy songs that might make you forget that life is a corn-filled shit right now.

Beach Boys: Good Vibrations

The number one song for vibrator providers worldwide.

The thing that the Beach Boys did so well (besides harmony and dismissing their brother as crazy) was the way their music captured the energy of the West Coast. Granted, those lying bastards did not even surf, but still, they always nailed the essence of a warm, sunny day in California, driving coast highway with the top down.

So pop this track on during a rainy day when you feel particularly awash in shit and feel said shit just start to fall off you in chunks.

Beastie Boys: Fight For Your Right

You don’t like these dudes, no one likes you. FACT!

Yes, some of the music on this list will be straight up pop songs that you can tell are designed to make us happy. But this, on the other hand, is straight party music. Thing is, EVERY MOTHERF*CKER ON THIS PLANET likes the Beasties (as long as said person is not super f*cking lame) and when we hear the Beasties, it takes us away to that special place where if we stay too long, we’d probably break down and cry.

No idea why that just turned into “Sweet Child O’ Mine” lyrics but it stays!

Rusted Root: Send Me On My Way

And not a shoe was worn between them.

Yes, it is totally a one-hit-wonder. Yes, they all seem like they might smell like weed and patchouli. Yes, it is a rather strange song that doesn’t quite sound like anything else out there. But my gosh, something about that groove and the funky and unique way the lead singer belts it out that just makes you feel like you could totes join a hippie commune, not wash for weeks, grow dreads, and earn the genuine disdain of your conservative family (and totally be okay with that).

Okay, well maybe not quite THAT much, but still, it does put a little hop in your step, and that is just what we all need now.

Bobby McFerrin: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

All three of these men admitted to doing copious amounts of cocaine before this video shoot so revel in that as well.

Granted, this is a guy who was on a TON of coke at the time who was making music by hitting his chest in different spots (some people are STILL unaware that there are no instruments in this song and he did all the music with his mouth). But slide those asides aside and you realize, this is a song about letting go of what is f*cking your brain and just remembering how to enjoy life.

That may be hard to do right now, but atleast we have a theme song for it.

The Monkees: I’m A Believer

What were they believing in is the question!

Let’s get something out of the way, right now. We are NOT talking about that shitty Smash Mouth cover. No, we are talking the original song from the original fake band who were just actors basically trying to be the Beatles. It matters little where you are or what you are doing. You could be running from an atomic blast with your skin hanging off in ribbons of pink meat and if this song was on, it would STILL put a little bounce in your step as your melted.

Sorry not sorry about that visual. Pink ribbons of hanging flesh. Man, I am good!

DMX: Party Up

So much bravado my computer grew a beard while this was on.

I don’t give a flying pho (the soup) if this song features a thug singing about making men s*ck his d*ck or how he is gonna murder you so badly your grandmother wouldn't recognize you in the casket. Put all the lyrical bravado aside and just put the track on. It is like someone suddenly jams you with an adrenaline needle like in Pulp Fiction And you just sit up immediately, bobbing to the infectious beat and high energy of this song.

I don’t care. I could have a rolling wall of lava coming at me, digesting everything in it’s path, and if Party Up (UNCENSORED) was playing by DMX I would be convinced I would f*ck that lava up and come out okay. Maybe pole vault that bitch or something.

R.E.M and That One Chick from The B-52’s: Shiny, Happy People

Nah, you know what? This song makes me wanna drive nails into my ears so how about we just scratch this one? I refuse to end this list with cheese.

Hell, this song would just make your unquenchable rage worse. Have some Bishop Bullwinkle instead, thank me later when your find your mood turns to pure mirth as a result of all the songs you just heard.

Honorable Mentions:

Everything by Flight of the Conchords

Everything by Lonely Island