List of the Top 10 Platforms, Tools and Networking Opportunities For Artists in 2018

The Top 10 Platforms, Tools and Networking Opportunities For Artist Success in 2018.jpeg

Here is The CAB Portal's list of the Top 10 platforms, tools, and networking opportunities that you can utilize to stand out from the crowd and ensure success in 2018 for your music and brand. Whether you are looking to enhance your social media marketing, take your songs' sound quality up a notch, or find opportunities to network with music industry insiders and other artists, these are our selections for the best available resources and venues that you can use. Many of these listed, we utilize on a daily basis, and have attended ourselves, so we are speaking from experience and can attest to their relevance to brand growth.

1. Best Social Media Platform for Artists - Instagram


The world’s favorite photo-sharing app is a must for artists and bands looking to grow their fan base in an exponential way.  With almost a billion users worldwide, musicians can’t afford to not be “trending” on the mass that is Instagram.  Notably, vigorous posting habits (at opportune times), fresh hashtags (specific for your music) and analytics tools (like Iconosquare or using a business account) are all surefire ways to inflate your audience on social media.    


2. Best DIY Website Builder - Squarespace


For visual sleekness and friendly functionality, Squarespace offers the modern musician do-it-yourself freedom at a nominal price.  The site’s versatility for overall multimedia management, and stylish design options, boast pro stature in the world of website building.  On the flipside, with many major-label artists now onboard, Squarespace has taken liberties of charging a flat monthly fee for usage, as well as a cut of merchandise revenue generated through the online store feature.  Top to bottom, though, it’s worth a few of your beans to grow the stalk.


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