Los Angeles Collective Beach Bums Announce Their New LP "YEARS" and Share New Single "I Don't Kno"

Beach Bums music.jpg

Los Angeles music/art collective Beach Bums have officially announced the release of their new LP, “YEARS”, out July 26th. Along with the announcement, the prolific group shared their latest single "I Don't Kno".

“YEARS”, the latest LP from Los Angeles art collective Beach Bums, is a celebration. Most of the genre-defying group’s previous releases are permeated by feelings of depression and anxiety, self-loathing and an unshakeable sense of early ‘20s ennui. From “YEARS” opening track, however, that dark cloud is replaced by a triumphant air of satisfaction and excitement. A massive crescendo of twinkling guitars and punishing drums builds to a statement of gratitude for newfound love and Beach Bums’ supporters from vocalist/guitarist/producer Jonathan Horsley (aka Jawntang) as he croons, “I’ll wait for you through hours, I’ll love you on for years, I’ll take all my power to wash away your tears.

Beach Bums core members consist of Horsley, drummer/producer/rapper Keanu Harvin (aka Kunu), bassist Elijah G. Alamo, and the groups newest addition, synth/keys player Joe Contreras. This core ensemble has spent the last few years releasing a slew of genre-spanning records that range from hardcore punk to lo-fi hip-hop, garage rock to trap, and surf rock to metal. 2017’s aptly named Everything brought all of these influences together, while the group’s 2018 follow-ups I Want to Sleep Forever and The Goat (Pts. 1 & 2) showed a more measured approach, instead focusing solely on indie rock and hip-hop, respectively. These records, paired with the group’s reputation for their wild live shows, led to shared bills with acts like King Krule, Balance & Composure, The Drums, Jhené Aiko, Kali Uchis, Chicano Batman & more, and resulted in praise from Bandsintown, Flood Magazine, Janky Smooth & more, with OC Weekly dubbing Beach Bums, “The Wu-Tang of Los Angeles punk.”

Listen to “I Don’t Kno” right now and be ready on July 26th for Beach Bums’ new album “YEARS”. In the meantime, connect with the music/art collective on their social media.

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