Los Angeles Rap Artist and Producer Harry Melrose Releases "BLURS II EP"

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Harry Melrose returns with darker rhythms, honest bars and sticky hooks on his follow up to the first EP he released last year, with "BLURS II EP". From the somber and melancholic, opener, "Home" to the infatuated and haunting "The Importance of Remembering Names", Harry Melrose dives into the sequel EP with a heavy emphasis on dragging out the latin beats that played around his LA home growing up. The Young American Joy Division once again produces every single beat he flows, sings and croons on. The work ethic on the angelino is one to take note of, as he is certain of success in the coming year. Upbeat, tongue-in-cheek bangers like "Backdoor" and "Midnight Calling" beg to be played on the dance floor at the same moody, selfish and hopeless college parties that inspired the lyrics on both tracks. "Rosewood Ave" and "El Lobo" contain some of young rose's most honest and sincere bars as they give the audience a peek into the upbringing as a first generation american in an underdeveloped latin neighborhood and the aspirations that the 21 year old strives to accomplish. "Future Wife" contains the most flashy and glossy production that Melrose has composed to date, while "We Don't Need to be UK Based" pays homage to UK Garage and European dance from the 90s and early 2000s. 

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"BLURS II EP" will follow the blueprint of the original "BLURS" EP, to capture the experiences around adolescence, growing up in Los Angeles, while being as challenging and sonically diverse as possible.

Check out the EP below and keep on the look out for some more captivating singles soon.

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