Maggie Schneider Covers Taylor Swift's "New Years Day" and Will Drop Brand New EP "Tinted Glasses" on January 12th

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The bright-eyed and bubbly new artist, Maggie Schneider, is kicking off 2018 with a bang, with her recent cover of Taylor Swift's melodic tune, "New Year's Day." To help bring in the new year, Maggie is set to release her brand new EP, entitled Tinted Glasses next Friday, January 12, 2018. With a culmination of fresh, honest, and open-hearted lyrics, Schneider writes her songs about her love of life and optimistic point of view. The 4-track EP, produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low at Track Happy Studios, is about navigating life, relationships, growing up and delves into how her life has changed since her debut release, Insomniac. 

Off the forthcoming release, Maggie released "Chuck Bass," a feminist anthem that encourages women to stand up for their rights. Schneider continues, "it's a sassy song about women valuing honesty and integrity in relationships, over wealth and status. It's about how I can't be bought. My song is a positive reminder of how much strength we have as women, and I think that this is an important topic to be expressed in music. It is up to us to celebrate each other and make a difference in the world without diminishing out male counterparts." Inspirer coins Schneider as one of the "voices for a new generation of feminist badasses" and fans can view the brand new music video for "Chuck Bass" here! 

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Also off the forthcoming EP, Tinted Glasses, comes "695 North Avenue" which released in November via Sick Snaps. They stated "Schneider combines her singer/songwriter style with a bit of a pop-rock touch to bring the song to life...Her writing is upbeat, but will fill you with feelings of nostalgia through her storytelling approach in her lyricism." The song is about the Atlanta-based venue The Masquerade, which she coins as a major part of building her musical career. As an ode to her hometown venue, Schneider continues,

"It's a place dear to my heart, and I feel like I've grown up there. 695 North Avenue was the original address of the venue before they moved to another space last year, and it will always serve as my musical home. So many of my favorite memories took place in this building, from singing live with State Champs to a sold-out crowd, to dancing the nights away with my best friends. I am so thankful for all of the moments I've spent at The Masquerade, and for all of the support that the management and crew have given me over the years. This song is dedicated to them and all that they've done for both myself and the Atlanta music scene as a whole."

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