Midas Hutch is the Electronic Producer You Have Been Waiting For

Midas Hutch music.jpg

If synthy, dramatic '80s beats are your thing and your guilty pleasure is doing choreo while you play Flash Dancer on VHS for the 10th time, Midas Hutch is the producer that you've been waiting for. He manages to infuse a bright, poppy tone to his songs while never sacrificing that chunky, bassy soul factor, which is hard to do. His songs beg for us to remember a time where teased hair and those weirdly high leg slits were the norm, and we're definitely into it (anything to distract us from this current hellhole of an era). He usually chooses female vocalists to remix, with voices that perfectly fit his chosen blast to the past, even taking on queen Missy herself in his remix "Spectrum" which adds a dance-floor sensibility to her cutting lyrical warnings.

Midas Hutch also releases original tracks featuring male vocalists who are on the same wave as him, such as “The High” with Bluey Robinson, a UK singer who gets a feature on the shimmery, disco-inspired Hutch beat, and the addictive “Get Mine”, featuring Shakka, which adds an Afro-Caribbean lilt to the Hutch’s throwback funk. He also knows how to properly fill out a song and tingle all of our senses. He doesn’t use gratuitous high tops and snares, but adds his signature oomph where needed.  Midas helps us remember all the best, buttery smooth bits of the ‘80s, and puts his invigorating twist on an essential oldie vibe.

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