Monsta X Stages Worldwide Comeback: Album & Video Release for "Shoot Out"

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Korean pop sensations, Monsta X, have just dropped their highly anticipated 2nd album Take.1, ‘Are You There?’. The album was simultaneously released along with a music video for the title track “Shoot Out,” which trended worldwide on Twitter immediately upon release. Since debut, Monsta X has built their own world with concept-based stories intertwining into each other. Under the theme of “fate connecting to a meeting,” everything crosses over like a net, creates stories and comes into their world gradually. 'Are You There?' is an extended world; transcending time and space. Furthermore, on this album, 'Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Life and Death, and everything on the border' is presented and Monsta X's teamwork is emphasized. The outcome shows a soft, delicate, mature, but also rough and powerful as nature side of the members. Monsta X is standing for a world connected, and equality for all people. Through their music and concepts, people experience a new level of love and compassion.

We want to deliver the message that we are always with our fans. We hope this album delivers a good influence to our fans, as it includes different genres of songs. This album is a compilation of intensity and mellow sounds.” - says rapper I.M

'Are You There?' consists of 10 new tracks showcasing Monsta Xs’ expanded musical explorations into multiple genres including EDM, PBR&B, Latin rhythm and more, along with their signature sounds. "Shoot Out," the title track, represents their world and message, seeking salvation between loss and wandering. The mix of trap, rock, and melodic future bass draws an impressive hook, emotional chorus melody, and dramatic composition. This track is a representative of the album's message: “all wounds that have been made between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, and Life and Death are cured by love.” Each track has distinct identities in each genre, while still connecting in a natural balance. All of the members have contributed to these tracks by participating in lyrics and songwriting. “MOHAE” is the first self-composed track by rapper I.M, with a thumping synthesizer, soft electric piano, and future bass rhythm. Along with composing this track, I.M also arranged and wrote the lyrics himself.

We have high expectation with our new album. Everyone is a bit nervous now, as this is a new start with our fans, and we worked so hard for this album. Every album is so precious for each musician and this album is even more precious for us as it's our 2nd studio album. We have reflected everything we learned from our last world tour and put it into this album.” - says leader Shownu

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