Review: Jibba The Gent's "The Broccoli Tree" Album

Jibba The Gent album review

“The Broccoli Tree” is the debut album by new artist, Jibba The Gent. Being an underground artist and new to the rap game, Jibba The Gent looks to bring a different flavor to hip hop. Being from Vermont, a place that really isn’t known for its hip hop influence, Jibba is determined to bring his own style to the forefront. With the message of having determination in all aspects of life, it’s a given that Jibba has the same determination in his music. So does the Vermont native’s debut album do enough to be his foot in the door to success? 

When listening to Jibba The Gent, his ability to make cool hooks and his selection of instrumentals is apparent. Songs that display these strengths the best are “Buy It” and “Maple Syrup.” There are other songs on the album which manage to catch and hold your attention with the hooks or the instrumental. The album is also complimented by hot features from artists whose styles compliment his flow. Based on the many features on the album, Jibba does seem to have the ability to put a singer or rapper on a song with him that just seems like the best way to make the song pop. 

Jibba’s style is simple, managing to be effective in getting his point across through his sound. Sometimes telling a story in his songs, painting a picture of his life, and other times just spitting and using metaphors and punchlines in his lyrics, Jibba manages to catch your attention.  In a way, his sound puts you in the mind of a young Eminem during his early days, before he was known as the “rap god”, only not as flashy and not with as much of an acrobatic flow. However, while Jibba doesn’t have a wildly different or unique flow, his lyrics and song writing ability will manage to catch your attention on a few of the tracks. 

Jibba The Gent

While the production is top notch on a few tracks, a few of the instrumentals feel slightly uninspired. While there are a few instrumentals that catch your attention from the beginning of the track, they end up sounding very much alike, lacking imagination. Also, while Jibba’s style which focuses on a simple flow and slick metaphors works for him, there are a few tracks where taking the risk by switching up his flow slightly would have been appreciated. 

While Jibba may be a relatively unknown artist, he does have potential to gain more fans as his career continues. Some of the tracks have potential to be real sleeper hits or anthems for the people. However, the few tracks which feel uninspired brings the album down enough to lose feel. However, there are enough tracks that will either make you bounce or relate to his lyrics on “The Broccoli Tree” that makes it worth the listen. Jibba The Gent is a new artist, but this debut shows that he has room to grow and definitely grow a fresh fan base. 

Score: 7 out of 10

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