Review: Kacy Hill's "Like A Woman"

Kacy Hill, Like A Woman

Last year at SXSW, I was lucky enough to stumble into a room where Kacy Hill was performing an hour long set in the middle of a downtown Austin venue. At the time, Kacy didn't have much of a following and the room was noticeably empty. The 22 year old was just coming off her American Apparel modeling career and transitioning into the world of electronic music. But now a little over a year later, the Kanye West mentee is almost untouchable after the release of her new album "Like A Woman". Upon giving the project a listen in its entirety, DOPECAUSEWESAID has come to the conclusion that Miss Hill is going to blow up in a major way, and very soon at that.

The 12-track album can be described overall as melodic, incredibly chilled, sensual and slightly meloncholy. Kacy's voice proves easy listening and has hints of power that make us believe she can really belt it out if she wanted to, but the singer keeps the aura of the project relaxed and serene throughout. We immediately came to gather that the album is heavily inspired by romance, heartbreak and relationships with track names like "Hard To Love" and "Cruel". The singer even stated during a interview with Complex News last year that most of the tracks were inspired by a real life breakup. Whether someone shattered her trust or she has found love since then, it's clear she is expressing emotion and pouring her pain and desire through her art- and it is beautiful.

Donning the name of the album, "Like A Woman" is the first track to hit your ears. Kacy sings of how she is falling for someone, saying and doing things she never thought she would. The instrumental is made up mostly of a strong bass pattern, a few electronic melodies and a delicate piano licks. Her voice is piercing and flawless, and the listener can almost hear her sentiment pouring through the speakers. The album remains slower paced until the fourth track, "Hard To Love". This song gives off an 80's vibe with a lot of vocal layering and explosive instrumentals in the chorus. Out of all the songs, this is the one Kacy displays her vocal range and strength the most. But she brings us back down instantly with the fifth track "Static", which has minimal backing and ambient vocals that take front and center. 

The sixth track titled "First Time" is a little more electronic than the rest, and is a nice change to the cleaner vocals she displays in the earlier songs. The harmonies are even more synthesized than the lead and sound like something you may hear in an Imogen Heap album, but it isn't too bold and fits in perfectly when used.

"Arms Length", "Interlude", "Clarity" and "Lion" are the next to follow. These four tracks are quite similar to the first three in that they share a more spread out and spacey feel. "Interlude" only differs from the rest in the shorter length and lack of vocals, creating a break before the conclusion of the project.

"Say You're Wrong" is the second to last track on the album, and a personal favorite of ours. Kacy's lyrics were well thought out and enlightened in this particular song with lines such as "fear will bring me back to health" and "I just want your good intention". The vocal melody is beautiful and catchy as well, so don't be surprised when you can't get this one out of your head. The last track, "Am I", similarly sports a catchy chorus and lyrics that will really make you think- which is a smart move on Kacy's part by keeping the album in her audience's minds even upon completion.

For an emerging artist, Kacy already seems to be way ahead of the musical curve, but we wouldn't expect anything less from an artist Kanye West discovered himself. "Like A Woman" is the first full length album she has released under West's GOOD Music label, and the response has already been mind-blowing. While the album can seem slightly repetitive with songs that are a little too similar at times, the overall outcome is a very well-written and produced one. This is an album almost anyone can listen to, and it's also one of those albums that really grow on you the more you listen to it, giving it more shelf life. Kacy is a fresh and unique change from the bubble gum pop trend going on, and we love how she looks and sounds different than the majority of artists on the radio at the moment. The Arizona native is undoubtedly going to be popping up more and more around the music world, and we're not mad about it. 

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