Nancie Schipper’s Debut Album: "Haunted House" Review

Nancie Schipper may only be sixteen years old, but the South West Victorian musician is showing the world why age is just a number with the release of her fourteen track debut album titled Haunted House. Nancie’s stunning talents have caught the attention of Australian music legends such as Shane Howard and Bill Chambers, prompting them to appear on the 2015 project, which is a diverse and exceptional piece of art.

Nancie began writing more serious music around twelve years old, but stuck to playing covers at fundraisers and council foyers. Eventually, the confidence she gained on stage began to pour into her music, and she was bewildered to find the audience loved her originals. At fourteen, Nancie decided she had the right amount of material and confidence to capture her songs permanently in the form of sound recordings, thus beginning the journey to Haunted House.

"I thought the project would take a matter of months.” stated Nancie. “Little did I know just how much work and commitment it would take to produce 14 songs, and the entire project took a full year! In November of 2015, we officially launched the album with a full band in front of an audience of 250 people. It was the most mind blowing experience of my life“.

The fourteen tracks on Nancie’s album are not ones you would ever imagine to have been written by someone her age, touching on real world topics with underlying tones of poise and maturity. The album even stands true to it's name by giving the listener a Civil Wars type feel through the use of minor chords and vocal inflictions, creating a somewhat haunting and shadowy feel. Her voice is flawless and folky, blending well with the overall small-town singer vibe of the project. If you're looking for an organic and easy-listening album, we definitely recommend you check this one out. 

So when you listen to her album Haunted House and fall in love, don’t worry. Even though Nancy is a bit reluctant to release too much information, she is planning the release of her second album in the near future, which will be recorded in Sydney by Australian producer Matt Fell in an intense ten-day session. Nancie is also in the process of planning an Australian tour as well as several appearances at major Australian music festivals. If Nancie has gotten this far and accomplished so much at just sixteen, one can only imagine where she will be in a matter of a few years.

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