NAO Brings A Captivating Musical Experience With Her Debut Album "For All We Know"

Have you ever listened to music that embodies an array of musical aesthetics that leave you in a peculiar enchantment? UK artist NAO brings rich vocals to masterfully crafted beats that effortlessly mix the genres of neo-soul, funk and electronic that takes you on a musical trip.

NAO hails from East London where she got her start by singing in an all girl group, The Boxettes, until she went solo in 2014. Her first EP, "So Good", introduced her eclectic style of music to the U.S. The EP showcased her ability to beautifully arrange her voice and seamlessly provided an updated feel of 90s RnB. "So Good" received positive reviews and it was clear that NAO had staying power. The single 'Adore You' from the EP warrants the feel of the talented 90s girl group 702 due to NAO’s use of intricate adlibs and reminiscent words over a librating beat.  

On July 29th NAO dropped her debut album, "For All We Know". The album captures your attention right from the start with the intro 'Like Velvet'. The album gives off a euphoric feel with melodies that unconsciously makes you sway, especially the song 'Blue Wine'. Without a doubt, NAO is inventing her own musical lane and our only hope is that she continues to share her imaginative artistry with the world. An artist like NAO is truly a blue moon in a music industry that is filled with redundant sounds and artists. For that reason alone we want to help foster a greater collective interest in NAO. Check out her debut album below and purchase it on iTunes here

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