Nashville Artist Jordn Releases His Debut Project "Memory Bank"

Jordn music.jpg

Fresh faced and dope laced, Nashville-based artist Jordn emerges from the musical depths with his debut project, “Memory Bank”. Standing at six tracks strong (and already backed by two captivating visuals), “Memory Bank” weaves a tale of a young creative's struggles to remain motivated while seeking truth and trying to establish some sort of balance in adulthood.

This project features production from mastr splintr (@jiabeats), Spellwrks (@SPELLWRKS) and mr.batties (@sweeetbbyj). Each track walks you through a different area of Jordn's mind and the beat selection definitely reflects that. The beats all draw from a similar jazzy foundation, but paint completely different pictures.

Essentially, “Memory Bank” places you right behind Jordn's eyes as he recounts (in realistic detail) transitional life experiences like figuring out your life path, trying to self-motivate or trying to find self-worth in the midst of a depressive episode. “Memory Bank” is definitely a more left-field project sonically, but there is definitely something on this project for everyone: core rap fans will enjoy the clever lyricism and creative videos, while more casual rap listeners will enjoy the catchy hooks and smooth vibe of the production.

Jordn - Memory Bank.JPG