Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Ruben Releases His Debut EP "Melancholic"

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Norwegian singer/songwriter Ruben releases his anticipated debut EP, “Melancholic”. The five track EP features his previously released buzzed about song “Lay By Me” and is centered around mental health, based on Ruben’s own experiences with destructive feelings and appealing to the connective human element of this. With such a profound message, it is easy to understand why Ruben connects deeply with many of his listeners. The EP will also feature Ruben’s latest single, “Power”. For the track, Ruben paired up with Lars Kristian Rosness to create a hard-hitting production which emphases the emption tension of the song.

On the EP, Ruben says “It portrays the darkest parts of my life, the parts that have been hard for me to understand… The scariest part of making this EP, has been having to revisit and get to know those painful feelings over again.” Alongside there is a forthcoming EP that will be released. Ruben has written the narrative himself, in collaboration with director Thor Brenne.

Growing up Ruben had a hard time finding his place as he was more interested in music and dance – than what were deemed, “normal” masculine hobbies. He truly discovered his love for music when he realized that different tones and chords had the power to influence his and others’ feelings. Music became a strong tool for channeling his emotions.

A singer, songwriter, and producer Ruben exploded onto the scene with his debut single “Walls”, which has amassed over 30M streams and has spent over 400 days in the Norwegian Spotify Top 200. He followed the success of his debut with his hit tracks “The Half” and “Lay By Me”, the latter of which has earned him over 20M streams since its December release.

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