NYC's Experimental Rock Group Pollens Release EP "Mister Manufacture"


"Samplers, noise, ecstatic readings of boring lists," reads Pollens biography; a modestly blunt statement that is perfectly accurate, yet also completely insufficient in describing the band's sound. Pollens is a band that you can't easily describe; and one you must just experience. They have just released their latest EP, titled "Mister Manufacture", a masterful creation perched on the fine line between chaos and precision. Blending electronic dance beats, ambient noise and shouting, the quirky group makes catchy and undeniably clever music; it's sparse yet poppy, experimental yet honestly raw. 

If you ask the band for guidance, you'll find they're as upfront as you might expect: "Pollens doesn’t tell stories, they recite lists. They want their music to be dumb and immediate. No story. No metaphor," said the band. Inspiration for the band's material comes out of their love for endless observation and notation. "Pollens make lots of lists. Lists of things that kids might do. Sounds that animals make. Weird things to not believe in. Answering machine messages. The benefits of being invisible. Warning signs before kissing. Things I tell my friends. Promises I make. Things the cards say. Shifts in my behavior when I like someone. Kinds of tourists on the train. Things men say. Lovesickness and homesickness. Cats and witches. Problems with having a body. Real life and the internet."

Pollens' Mister Manufacture represents the perfect 'controlled chaos' found in their hometown of New York City; their music a constant analysis and reflection of their everyday life. Always with a twist of surprise, Pollens delight in the mundane with odd songs you'll be humming over and over, in the key of garbage trucks, train tracks, and emergency sirens.

Mister Manufacture is available for pay-what-you-want in digital format on Bandcamp; with limited edition cassette tapes available from the band at their record release celebration show on November 16 at Secret Project Robot in NYC. They’ll be joined by Operator Music Band, Salt People and, recently announced, Zula; full details on Facebook here. The EP was self-recorded and produced by Jeff Aaron Bryant of Pollens and mastered by Blake Bickel.

Mister Manufacture.jpg