Peter Wells, Lead Vocalist of Parker Road, Discusses Their Upcoming Album "Simple Days"

We sat down with Peter Wells, founder, lead-vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist of the Rock/Alternative band Parker Road to talk about life, music, and their forthcoming album, Simple Days.

What is the inspiration behind your new song, “Simple Days”?

I wrote "Simple Days" with my best friends in mind. It's really about the journey of those friendships from the days when we were care free to the days when tragedy hit, distance became greater, and the pressures of life set in. I know for me, my life has changed so much in the last two or three years, and between that and all the chaos that surrounds us in the world today, at times I wish I could go back when life was simpler, before life started to make its mark.

What inspires you to write?

My inspiration to write usually comes from things I've been wrestling with personally, whether that be certain ideas or philosophies, or events that have happened. I write hoping that a song can be a voice for someone that is wrestling through something similar.

What is different about the music on this upcoming release? How does it differ from your previous music?

I think this album is lyrically more personal and also more accessible to the listener than my last. Musically, my last album was the first rock album I had written and it was the first time I had single handedly written every song on an album. Before that, I was in heavier bands and would co-write with the band. It [this album] was definitely a learning experience stylistically and it pushed me as a writer. The way I approached writing this album was different, too. Before, I would usually write the entire song musically first and then I would start writing lyrics and melodies, while trying to fit them into the music I had demoed out. This time I wrote music and lyrics more at the same time which really helped the songs become what they are more naturally. I definitely feel more grounded as a writer with this album. 

Was there an intentional decision to progress with your music for your second body of work?

Definitely. I wanted to write music that was more colorful. I have synesthesia, so that's the best way I know how to say it. Maybe in other words, I wanted to write music that had more dimension and emotion. That also influenced the decision to change this from a solo project to something that can evolve into something more.

What do you hope your music accomplishes? 

hope my music, aside from being fun to listen to, is able to connect with people more honestly than a lot of music I've been hearing lately. I hope it can inspire people to not give up on their passions, to appreciate their friends and family, and to keep moving forward when times are tough or when you feel displaced in life.

What do you hope people take away from listening to ‘Simple Days”?

After listening to the song "Simple Days" I hope people remember to appreciate where they are at the moment. I think the first verse says it well, "they were simple days and we had no clue". Life rarely seems to simplify itself and people are always looking at what's next instead of appreciating the moment. I catch myself doing that a lot. We rarely appreciate what we have until we look back on it. So I hope it helps people appreciate where they're at and who they're with right now, and not just be consumed with what's next.

What does the ideal ‘simple day’ look like to you? (I.e. what do you like to do with your ‘free time’?)

What's free time? *laughs. Well, when I'm not at work or in the studio, which is rare, I love to completely separate myself from both. Whether it's sitting out on my porch in a warm summer night, or binge watching a TV show, I enjoy just getting away. Sometimes sitting outside and taking in the peacefulness is the ideal simple day for me. When I get the chance, I also love traveling wherever I can. Being able to get away and appreciate something that I don't experience every day is something I really enjoy too.

Should we be on the lookout for the new album?

Yes! The album is dropping on 9/23/2016!

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