Q&A with Ian and The Dream

Ian and The Dream is a Pop/Rock band from Milwaukee which began in 2008, when two high school best friends began embarking on their dream. Sure, they already had been active in Milwaukee’s music scene: front man Ian Ash won the Summerfest Pepsi Talent Search performing an original song at age 13 and bassist Chivo had already cut his teeth playing hard rock in several projects but after seeing an opportunity to compete for a major label record deal, Ian & The Dream were formed. 

We connected with the guys as part of DOPECAUSEWESAID's campaign on ReverbNation searching for the DOPEST Rock, Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music artists in the world. After reviewing more than 4,500 songs on ReverbNation, we selected Ian and The Dream and the rest is history. Below is our interview with the guys about their musical goals for 2016, the music scene in their hometown Milwaukee, and much more.

Carlton Boyd

If you had to describe your band/music in three words, what would they be?

Uplifting, positive, melodic

What are your goals musically this year for the band?

Releasing our new album "New Dreams" and touring behind it, plus making lots of fun radio and TV appearances along the way!

What's the music scene like in Milwaukee, especially for emerging artists? Is there a music scene in the city that supports local acts?

The music scene in Milwaukee is vibrant and busy. It's a good scene for emerging artists to be noticed by festival talent buyers and build a good local fanbase if you know which venues to play. There's lots of friendly musicians and organizations that are willing to help too.

Explain your band's name; how did it come about? 

Ian & The Dream- the name could mean a lot of things, like the fact that music is my dream, but really for us the name is about "taking time to dream"- or doing what makes you truly happy and loyal to your authentic self. 

Tell us about your tour. Do you have a favorite song to perform or one that gets the greatest reaction out of the audience?

Playing live is a blast for us- we've had some interesting adventures throughout the midwest. Last year, we opened for "Nashville" stars Lennon & Maisy at the Mall of America in Minnesota. This year we'll be doing 2 appearances at Navy Pier in Chicago! I'm excited for where the road takes us. 

I think our favorite live song to perform would be "Steppin' On My Shoes." - We like interacting with the crowd and having everyone sing along, and I get to have a fun jam with the guys on the outro.

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