Alesana to Announce New Project, Seeks Fan Involvement


Raleigh-based rock band Alesana have released a video announcing a new project and are seeking fan involvement. The video, which features Alesana vocalist Shawn Milke, doesn’t reveal all the details about the new forthcoming project but asks fans to send a thirty second clip of themselves doing something creative and having a positive message. In the same vein of Alesana's mantra, "PMA", he also adds for fans to send a photo, along with their video, of them holding up a sign with the words, “I say farewell to giving up,” in their native language. About the project, Shawn said, “This new project we are embarking on is very dear to us. We want to show our fans how much they mean to us in a unique and special way. These last 13 years of getting to be Alesana would not be possible without the love, support, and positivity of our amazing army. Alesana is not just the six of us in the band; it is all of you as well. Hopefully when this project is done, we will have been able to show you at least a small bit of gratitude for how appreciative and thankful we are for your passion and loyalty."

To be involved, fans are asked to either upload their video to their YouTube channel unlisted or to their google drive and send the link to The deadline for submissions is October 20th. Fans are encouraged to participate and be a part of something special. For all the details, including filming instructions, you can view the video below.

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