Review: "1992" Album by Coolie TOOMUCH

Coolie TOOMUCH - 1992.jpeg

Coolie TOOMUCH is a hip-hop artist out of Dayton, OH who makes tracks with catchy hooks and beats that bang. After hearing his single “Danger” I was excited to hear the rest of the album. Coolie has stated that he feels his music is similar to Meek Mill’s, and while I agree with that, this project reminds me a lot of Schoolboy Q. The way his voice sounds along with certain pronunciations of words and his choices of production make me feel like Q is an artist who has influenced him.

Coolie’s catchy hooks and wavy beats along with his unique voice make his music easily digestible. The song “Danger” is full of lyrical venom but is also catchy enough to be played on the radio. “Slow Downnn, cuz I’m Dangerous” sings TOOMUCH.

I like this album because while there are a lot of bars about the prevalent themes in today’s hip-hop (money, women, etc), Coolie’s use of diverse flows, cadences and lyrics help to set it apart from other rappers. The songs are relatable and understandable, and this is important because a lot of today’s artists are labeled “mumble rappers” because they fail to be clear and fail to show an actual ability to rap.

As for deciding on a favorite track, I would say I’m fond of track 7: “Cool It/30 for 30 Interlude”. Cool it is a chill vibe with story-telling rap while 30 for 30 speeds up a bit and is full of intermediate rapping.

One critique I have for the album is some of the mixing and mastering. While it’s not bad, I believe that some of the songs could sound a bit crisper with some better mixing. Maybe the bass and drums could bang a bit more on some songs as well.

Overall, this project is dope. The songs are catchy, entertaining and can be played in a myriad of different venues. I look forward to hearing how Coolie progresses with his next project.

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