Review: American Dreamer's "Restless Nights"

Formed in Austin, Texas, this earthly ensemble of alternative pop and orchestrated folk depicts budding life experiences seen and expressed through thriving musicianship. This universally appealing band consists of: Audrey Lee (Violin), Courtney Castaneda (Cello), Dana Wygsmans (Back-up Vocals, Bass) and Sasha Klare-Ayvazian, the band's vocalist, guitarist, composer, and founder. Besides being the main fuel in American Dreamers, Ayvazian is also a teacher with a Masters degree in music and all that educational dedication to the study of sound influences his engaging singing and songwriting.

The record is filled with rich and charming tracks like the strumming acoustic trances coupling with emotional strings in the warm opener "Open Your Eyes" that speeds up the pace into a lightly lifted atmosphere, the slow ballroom waltz in the melancholy tale of loneliness in "When Your Away", the rock rooting blues inspired "Start-Stopping", and the instrumental quick but strong beauty in, "Lullaby". This eleven track golden gem is also accompanied with the colorful and artistic music video for the single, "All The Time". Restless Nights is the band's debut full-length album. A mature and professionally sweet record.

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