Review: bülow's "Damaged Vol. 2" EP


Most of us can relate to the simplicity of being a teenager. We didn’t worry about paying bills or keeping the fridge stocked with food. So long as we focused on making excellent grades and maintaining our GPA, we were guaranteed a chance to make something of ourselves at a great university or college. 

What happens after one reaches ‘success’?

With airy vocals engulfed with a warm bass line melody with chime-like accents, "Honor Roll" takes us back to a time where life was uncomplicated. Pensive, contemplative, and habitually high off of edibles, bülow reminisces about her youth, her fear of growing older, and her reluctance to be sober.

"SAD AND BORED" gives us a more understanding on bülow’s need for self-medicating. The song starts with a somber churning bass synth line overlaid by a combination of crisp percussive snare hits and hand claps. bülow begins, speaking of being trapped in basement, smoking “herb”, and sipping on Hennessy.  Arpeggiated melodic backing vocals then enter, which better convey the slightly unhinged mental fatigue bülow endures being alone and bored since her boyfriend is currently in jail. DUCKWRTH is featured on the song, adding his own reasons for self-medicating. 

"You & Jennifer" begins like a pop ballad with chords gently resounding from the piano. bülow’s signature bass and drum combo drops in, giving the song a modern shape. This sincere heartfelt ballad is a shout out to the ex-lover of bülow and his new girlfriend, Jennifer. bülow once envisioned a future with this love and wants no hard feelings between the two of them. However, she is clearly relieved she pursued what is best for her.

"Damaged Vol. 2" gives us candid insight on how bülow lives, loves, and reflects upon life, and we're all aboard for the ride as the talented pop singer-songwriter progresses toward stardom. Her EP will drop this coming Friday, June 8th and will be available on all streaming services.

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