Review: Chughey's "Pivotal" EP

Pivotal cover.jpg

Rock, Michigan’s very own Chughey brings us his “Pivotal” EP.  “Pivotal” is chock full of sample packed, engrossing, snare heavy production.  The rapper’s style is as if the D.N.A of Yelawolf and ninety’s group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony was combined; producing a catchy, country, caffeinated cadence that maneuvers like an over sugared, teenager on a trampoline.  In an outstanding way. 
“Pivotal” begins with “Sandals” a bouncy worthy track where the emcee rails against dishonest heads of state, outdated drug laws, the military industrial complex, and the current state of social media.  Chughey reminds us that despite these challenges that we all need to work toward a better world.  On “No Fronting” the rapper reminds us that he has been a long time student of the game.  Chugley highlights his commitment and drive and instead of paying dues it’s time for his art to pay off.   

“Dose” is just a wonderful exercise in warp speed wordplay.  It’s great. “Undertow” features slow acoustic guitars while rapper Chughey describes the negatives of being at the bottom of the tax bracket.  The emcee maintains that despite his current financial state better day are ahead of him through wisdom and perseverance. 

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“Mailman” is a solemn ode to the struggle.  Chughey searches for peace in his art, hope, and occasionally medication.   The rhyme smith states that he was raised by rap and fathered by his flow and intends for Hip-Hop to be his way out.  Over a haunting simulated horn Chughey maintains that it is imperative that he finances his family through his art on the title track “Pivotal.”  Although he feels time is limited he believes through the love of the game, preparation, and trusting his prose and the process that he will eventually be successful.  

“Pivotal” is solid. Chughey style is a breath of fresh air.  If I had to level any criticism at this project it would be for the engineer.  Having such an unorthodox, dynamic style that the artist presents, the vocals just need to be louder.  Good stuff.    

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