Review: "DAYTONA" by Pusha T

Pusha T.jpg

Pusha T just released his new album, "DAYTONA", and we have some mixed feelings about it (most of them are positive, don’t worry!). The sound is very Kanye, which makes sense since the entire album was produced entirely by Kanye. The usage of samples isn’t derivative, and in this case, we think Pusha T made the proper production move. This new direction allows his evolved style to flourish.

New Pusha T is a little more elegant, with more sparse beats and lyrics that speak for themselves, turning down the extra bravado to a doable amount.

While it used to be the choppy aggression of “Numbers on the Boards” and lines about lines (a bad cocaine joke), Pusha T’s new goal isn’t solely to be a radio hit or a swagger anthem.

It would have been easy to jump on the Migos mumble-rap train and get an easy radio hit from a "Bad and Boujee" clone, but he didn’t go the easy route, which is kind of commendable in 2018. As a matter of fact, he kind of hates on those dudes in some of these tracks.

We’d be just as likely to listen to this album for a mountainside run or cleaning session as I would throwing a house soiree, and that versatility is something new for Pusha T. 

The autotune was a little gratuitous on some tracks, sounding like a re-attempt of "808s & Heartbreaks" that didn’t quite make it. The album is also a bit skimpy, coming in at 21 minutes with seven tracks. We expected more genre diversity and a longer track list.

At the end of the day, this artist expanded his repertoire with more musical precision and a dope decision to go out of his comfort zone. Do you with the Pusha T’s comeback, or do you prefer Drake’s savage diss track, released within hours of "DAYTONA"?