Review: Des Brennan's "For A While" EP

One of the greatest compliments you can pay to an artist is to listen to their latest offering, and of the strength of those songs find their previous projects. I found this to be the case with Des Brennan.  Des Brennan out of Rockland, New York responsible for “Don’t Try This At Home”, “Exit 98”, and “Serene” brings us his latest project “For A While.”   

I must admit I’m a sucker for abstract, conversational flows over New York BOOM-BAP, and Des Brennan does not disappoint. On songs like “Stillness” using an impressive vocabulary the emcee gives us a glimpse of his lifestyle, and day today.  Like most underground artists, Des puts an emphasis on skills, and rides the track with ease and clarity.  On “Before it Ends” Mr. Brennan urges us to Carpe Diem, and appreciate people, and situations that might fade.  Des takes a hard look into who he is; with his craft being his guiding light.  The opposite sex passing him by is the subject of the track “Parting.”  “I couldn’t write enough paragraphs/about your soon to be married ass”, is one of the more standout lyrics of the album, and one of the many testaments to Des’s lyrical prowess.  The producer ADMB did his thing on the beat.  

On the record “Inner (Too Close)" Brennan examines his own longevity in hip-hop.  Citing over two hundred songs that no one quotes, and while people tell him to persevere, he reminds himself that he’s the one that has to deal with repercussions of his hustle. Also, you can’t go wrong using “A Tribe Called Quest” lyrics for the hook.  What Des Brennan and “For A While” accomplish is what all great EPs accomplish. They leave us wanting more.    

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