Review: "Dready Tapes Vol. 1" by Mitch Darrell and Dylis

Mitch Darrell and Dylis are two rappers/singers that bring a different vibe to the current rap scene. Mitch Darrell, an energetic rapper whose bars drive home his desire to be on top, collaborated with Dylis, a singer and producer with a unique sound and style, to bring their first album together, "Dready Tapes Vol. 1".

In the music game, first impressions do truly matter, however, Mitch Darrell and Dylis do not suffer from beginners jitters and lack of chemistry. The duo knows how to share their talents on the track, coming together to make something that shows the energy and passion that was shared for the project. 

The lyrical content of the album, along with the energetic flow of the two artists, is definitely the highlight of the album. Speaking on topics ranging from their faith to their climb to the top of rap fame, the rap duo uses their flow and metaphors to paint their picture. The sounds of Mitch Darrell and Dylis can be described as a combination of hip hop, RnB, gospel and alternative rock. The fast paced flow of Mitch Darrell meshes well with the smooth flowing voice of Dylis, with the production bringing it all together. 

While it may lack the flare and cockiness of the current rap scene that is popular in the mainstream media, "Dready Tapes Vol. 1" is a showcase of two young artists whose individual styles mesh well, showing off their appeal and potential for success.

"Dready Tapes Vol. 1" can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music, and currently available for purchase on Amazon.