Review: Get Along's "Let My People Go" EP

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Nick and Cara are the Colorado based Soultronic Anti-Pop married duo Get Along who have just released their EP Let My People Go (2017), a unique and captivating collection of five tracks that incorporate a wide variety of musical stylings and genres. If you happen to find yourself in Denver on September 22, the couple will be kicking off the release of the new project with a “Golden Calf Party” release show at Syntax Physic Opera with Turvy Organ and Ghostpulse. 

"Death Of A Death Metal Band" is track number one on the EP and immediately catches your attention with a deep electronic styled monologue that carries a seemingly ambiguous message. The feel of the song changes completely 46 seconds in with Nick's vocals, half singing and half talking over an almost hip-hop type beat. The track changes for a third time with Cara's powerful vocals over a rock and roll riff, portraying jazz instrumentals and heavy drums. The song continues to change and switch up throughout the four minutes and eighteen seconds in various patterns of the above styles, proving for a very interesting and diverse introduction track. 

The second track on Get Along EP proves to be much softer and alternative, opening with Cara's sweet and melodic vocals. Though it does become a little heavier and harder towards the chorus, this track is generally easy- listening and flows perfectly. 

"Let My People Go I" and "Let My People Go II" are the third and fourth tracks on the EP. Both songs start out with a more acoustic feel, only to build and layer as they carry on. Cara's voice really stands out in these two tracks, and the listener can properly get a feel for how strong and diverse her vocal range actually is. She uses both raspy and ambient vocal tones, creating a very unique dynamic and allowing a wide array of styles- which is both impressive and brilliant.

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The 5th and final song on the project is titled "Exodus", and uses a warm piano chord progression to compliment Cara's melancholy yet smooth vocals. This was definitely picked wisely by Nick and Cara to close out the EP due to the track's exiting and "finale" vibe. It is for sure the most chiller song on Let My People Go and can be played if the listener is feeling more on the sentimental side. 

We definitely recommend you give Get Along's newest masterpiece a listen. It's clear the duo understands music to an impressive extent, and even though the EP only has five songs, the diversity and portrayal of multiple styles and genres is just ridiculous- in the best way possible.

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