Review: "ESD3" EP by EVERYSECND and D3


EVERYSECND is an RnB artist out of Greenville, South Carolina who has a unique style. He has the ability to sing with smooth, Weeknd-like vocals while also being able to flow like a rapper. In this way, he is similar to Tory Lanez. EVERYSECND’s music is deep in that much of it is autobiographical and it tries to set the correct vibe for the important emotion of love.

“ESD3”, produced exclusively by D3, is a short, 4 track EP, and opens up with the track “Revenge”. The production is very ominous, and the vocals are extremely smooth. The track draws you into the project from the start as it speaks about wanting to make a girl more than just a friend. This song shows off the artist’s ability I mentioned earlier. While EVERYSECND is singing in the song, he is utilizing a hip-hop inspired flow which allows him to fit more words into his verses. This introduction makes the listener wonder what the rest of the project will sound like and what the subject matter will be.

The next track, “Magic” sounds similar to a song I could hear Chris Brown making. It’s catchy and has a lot of “singy-rapping”. It certainly sounds like a radio single and I mean that in a good way. It’s a good choice for a follow up to the introduction as it gives the listener something the play over and over.

Track 3, titled “Chill”, is the first true ballad in the project. It slows down in both tempo and mood. The vocals and harmonies remind me so much of pure RnB music while also being mixed with the current sound of autotune and effects. This track is certainly something I would consider “bedroom” music and again, it is a perfect follow up to the song before it.

The EP ends with “Come Through”, which is an upbeat, soulful song similar to songs I’ve heard Anderson.Paak make. “Come Through. Stay for the night I’m good when I got you”, sings EVERYSECND. This song was the perfect way to close out the project as it is a good-mood song with a catchy hook that still evokes a lot of emotion.

This project 100% leaves the listener wanting to know when the next project is going to drop. “ESD3” is smooth, catchy, lyrical and the production is dope and unique.

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