Review: "For The Family" EP by Jeh Sinatra

Jeh Sinatra - For the Family EP.png

“For The Family” shows off Jeh $inatra’s incredible ability to tie together old school and new school rap into a colorful kaleidoscopic trip. Owing as much to DJ Screw as to Danny Brown’s peculiar approach, he takes risks with these pieces. The flows found throughout the EP are flawless, while his lyrics show off an incredible range.

References to Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, and more abound for Jeh’s incorporation of such a wide variety and his vast understanding of culture feels unparalleled. More than a few times he lets things really slow down, almost veering outright into near ambient territory. By allowing experimentation into the fray, Jeh keeps the listener on their toes while playing with expectations.

A soulfulness rests at the very center of the EP’s DNA. Samples have an eclectic origin drawing from gospel, RnB, and the blues. Slowed down to the point where they have an angelic hue to them, the whole of the delivery displays a sense of grandeur. Flowing out with such confidence, Jeh proves to be a master of the mic, letting the words cascade alongside a wide variety of cultural references that give the piece a reverence for the historical, while very much looking into the future. Arrangements nicely dovetail the two together, the modernity that reveals a fondness for Barker’s gauzy digital tact as well as a heavier, most organic soulfulness.

Nicely setting the tone, the opener “Lord Willin” has a thoughtful evolution with hard-hitting beats blending with a multi-layered approach. Almost veering into a psychedelic swirl, it all feel so immersive. Colossal beats hit with a physicality on the intense wall of sound approach of “Top Floor”, featuring Liron Dayo. Easily the highlight of the EP comes from the incredible “Sacrifices”, featuring $wayze; forgoing beats for much of it, all that really ties it together is their intensity. An expansive finale comes with the majestic closer “Man of the Year”.

Jeh $inatra’s “For The Family” EP serves as a fully fleshed out project, with carefully crafted narratives that linger with the listener long after the tracks have ended.

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