Review: "Glass Bullet" Album by SAZE

SAZE - Glass Bullet.jpg

SAZE is a New Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based indie alternative hip-hop producer and recording artist. His new project, “Glass Bullet” is a collection of songs full of smooth melodies, technical rapping and ambient production.

While I feel that SAZE has a unique sound, I will say that I personally hear some Frank Ocean and Wale influence in some of his music. The way that SAZE switches between singing and rapping is extremely impressive as it shows off his talent as well as his artistry.

This album is extremely diverse as no two tracks sound the same. Even individual tracks are complex and deep as some contain beat/mood switches and contain both rapping and singing from SAZE. The project almost feels like a journey. The production puts the listener on an emotional roller-coaster as it sometimes switches from intense and fast-paced to slow and somber.

“Glass Bullet” certainly values quality over quantity as it is a short, 10 track album with no weak points. I personally feel that there are no skips and every song is well crafted and well thought out.

SAZE shows off his rapping ability as well as he does his singing, and this has me wanting to put him in the category that I place Tory Lanez and Drake in; artists who could sustain a career in both singing and rapping. I feel that to be labeled as an artist, one has to have multiple skill sets (especially in this age). SAZE is extremely lyrical and technical with his raps, and he also sings with such beautiful vocals.

Overall, “Glass Bullet” is a dope project created by a special artist. I truly feel that the sky is the limit for SAZE. With so many skill sets (rapping, singing, placements of skits/samples, producing, songwriting), I believe that he can reach a high level. I look forward to seeing what he does in the future.

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