Review: "Grandma" EP by Hazansky

Hazansky - Grandma.jpg

Portland based artist Hazansky makes soft rock with soul on the “Grandma EP”. Sly grooves adorn the whole of the EP with such a great ear for melody. Instrumentally playful, the whole of the sound radiates a silky-smooth splendor, and the lyrics reveal a true penchant for storytelling. Everything points to a retro approach, one that recalls Steely Dan at their most studious. Impeccable production adorns the whole of the work, right down to the beautiful glistening guitar work and smooth vocals.

Full of a sense of joy, the EP’s melodies have a rich, symphonic quality to them. Keyboards flow throughout, resulting in a virtual kaleidoscope of sound. So much color filters through for Hazansky lets the tracks build up in their own time. Unhurried, the atmospheric quality ties everything together for the track flows into each other with a tremendous ease. Usage of such rich acoustics and plenty of space to unfurl mean that every single moment feels cared after in the best way possible. Hazansky possesses a quiet confidence while reflecting upon the ups and downs of life, embracing the unknown as he hopes for the best.

Easily the highlight of the EP comes from the pure dreamworld of the opener and title track “Grandma”. A sophisticated, tender take, every single element, from the toy bell melody to the incredible sly guitar work that skitters about on the piece. The infectious rhythms of “Dreaming” invites the listener into an intimate world. Uniquely balanced, everything about it hovers about in a wonderful hue. With a jazz-like grace, “Stay True” features nimble percussion, and the little details matter enormously. “Better Alone” brings the whole of the EP to such a gorgeous conclusion.

With the “Grandma EP” Hazansky delves into a blissed-out, chill world, one washed in a gorgeous yellowy nostalgia.

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