Review: "Guinness World Records" EP by Reggie Rock!t

Reggie Rockit - Guinness World Records EP.jpg

Atlanta emcee Reggie Rock!t releases his EP “Guinness World Records”, a project full of lyricism, creative wordplay and captivating production.

From the very beginning of this project, I noticed that Reggie possesses a unique voice and sound. I typically try to compare indie artists to mainstream ones, but I failed to find a comparison here. It’s important for artists to find their own voice if they plan to make a career out of music, and it appears that Reggie has done that. However, I can definitely say that I could easily see him fitting in with a collective such as TDE or Jamla.

The first half of the EP is produced by a producer named J Sky. Each of the first three songs have a similar sound and feel. Every beat is unique and not to mention dope. They have a boom-bap feel mixed with synth and samples at times. These beats were perfect for Rock!t to display his ability as a rapper. I often judge rappers on voice, lyricism, cadence and wordplay. Rock!t check off every box before even reaching track 4.

“Shine brighter than you Ni**as like I reside in the Big Dip. Smokin this gas so fast got me trippin call that a QuikTrip” he spits in “Make Rappers Rap Again”, (That’s a BAR)

A track that stood put to me is track 4 entitled “M.L.K.”. This song was by far my favorite on the EP as it was catchy and very well put together. It is definitely the “radio single” of the 6 songs and it has mass appeal and replay value. A song I also need to mention is “Told U.”. The songs has booming 808’s and Rock!t spits quick over the beat with along with an artist named Tez McClain.

Overall, “Guinness World Records” is very good and has me wanting to hear a full album from Reggie Rock!t soon. He’s extremely talented and I only expect him to improve.

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