Review: "Have A Alright Day" EP by MBG

MBG - Have a Alright Day EP review.jpg

MBG is the stage name of the one-woman rock band, Carolina ‘Leena’ Rodriguez. The Brampton, Ontario native plays many instruments and has recently picked up song writing. “Have A Alright Day” is MBG’s 4 track, debut EP which she wrote, recorded, produced and mixed by herself.

I have to say, listening to a song knowing that every single part of it came from one person is a very cool experience, especially when it sounds as if an entire band is playing. The project opens up with a track titled “What You’ve Done To Me”. For a new song writer, the song is very well-written lyrically. It’s extremely catchy and a great way to start off the project. MBG is able to show off her singing ability, guitar playing skill and drumming chops in under 3 minutes.

The next track, “Make My Day”, is a very aggressive song as the guitar part is extremely “rock-and-roll esque”. “I don’t want you for myself. What do you need from me, you’re nothin more than just a tease,” sings MBG. The song features a very well done guitar solo and extremely confident vocals. I feel that this song in particular shows off MBG’s mixing ability as everything was very well balanced and clear.

Track three is very somber as it starts with a slow, soft acoustic guitar. No project is complete without a love song right? In all seriousness, I’m glad that this “Unfinished Love Song” was included in the project because it shows just how versatile MBG is and how diverse her sound can be. Her soft, smooth vocals float beautifully over the guitar and drums as she sings “I don’t wanna be the one to come crawlin back to you”.

The final track, “Brick by Brick” is also a ballad featuring solely acoustic guitar and vocals. This may be the most well-written song on the entire EP and it’s certainly my favorite. It’s the deepest and evokes the most emotion. “He loves every single part of me, even the parts that I can’t see,” sings MBG.

I’m extremely impressed by this EP. These 4 songs showcase MBG’s many talents and tell me that she has a TON of potential. I genuinely am excited to hear her first full length project.

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