Review: "Heaven, Hell, and Hip Hop" Album by D Five

Heaven Hell and Hip-Hop album.jpeg

D Five is an artist based out of Plainfield, NJ with a dope voice and a unique sound. His project “Heaven, Hell, and Hip Hop” follows a creative theme and is full of bars, beats that bump and smooth autotune.

While I typically try to avoid comparing artists to each other, I will say that after listening to this album I think of two artists in particular: Tory Lanez and Travis Scott. D Five has Tory’s ability to both sing catchy hooks and rap on par with the best lyricists. He also, in certain songs, uses autotune in a similar way to Travis by using both singing and rapping with autotune.

The title of the project is certainly fitting as all of the tracks are filled with the themes of heaven/hell and a lot of the production has a boom bap feel mixed with some modern sounding trap. D Five starts off with the song “666” which really sets the tone of the project. “I’m hotter than 6 6 6” he sings on the hook.

The first half of the album is full of songs that I feel could easily fit in with today’s current sound. They’re catchy and the beats really bump. What separates these songs from some of today’s hits is that D Five is an elite lyricist `and he displays this throughout. The songs “Get It Right”, “Runnin’” and “My Folk” are all great examples.

After the track “Shooter Skit”, the project seems to shift. “Set the Mood” is a slow lyrical song and “Love Me” is a dark boom-bap track that is also full of bars. These tracks start the second half of the album which has more of a hip-hop feel with more serious themes. A lot of the tracks are connected to the “Heaven” portion of the project. “God Loves All”, “Blessings” and the final track “Lord Knows” are examples of this.

Overall, this is a very good album that separates itself from a lot of today’s music. It has mainstream appeal but also has real hip-hop elements. D Five certainly knows how to put a project together and I feel that this album will put him on the map.

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