Review: "Hennesis" Album by UptownBODEGA

UptownBODEGA - Hennesis.jpg

UptownBODEGA is a Hip-Hop artist out of Central Islip, New York who makes music about himself and his family life. DEGA recently released his sophomore project titled “Hennesis”.

From the very beginning of the project, I knew that I was in for an enjoyable listen. On the track “Barcelona”, DEGA spits with a slow and intricate flow over a groovy, old school beat. It pulled me in from the start.

DEGA has a very captivating voice. He’s very clear and meticulous when he raps. He makes the type of music where you need to truly listen closely to pick up on every little thing he’s saying. He has a good mix of serious content as well as lines that will literally make you laugh out loud. The track “48 Crusades” is a good example of this. He’s clever, witty and versatile. DEGA told us that he’s been compared to Lil Pump and Lil Xan. I respectfully disagree with these comparisons. He reminds me more of Jim Jones or maybe Wale.

I have a very big love for boom-bap. I’m a huge fan of the old school sound. This album is full of that. At times I was scratching my head wondering if somehow DEGA got 9th Wonder to hook him up with a few beats. The production meshes well with DEGA’s style and allows him to spit with his unique flow. This album’s sound can be described as a hybrid mix of old school and new school.

Something that DEGA does that many artists fail to do is he puts his personality and sense of humor in his bars. Everything isn’t motone or too serious. He’s not afraid to play with words and rhyme schemes or use a joke or punch line here and there.

At the same time, DEGA still raps about serious content. On the track “Bad Habits” he speaks on selling his uncle drugs, smoking weed, alcoholism and being addicted to women.

My personal favorite track on the project is “Modelo”. This song features an artist that I’m a fan of, Conway The Machine. Both DEGA and Conway spit fire on this track. I liked it so much that I had to listen on repeat a few times.

Overall, the “Hennesis” album is a nice blast from the past mixed with a modern twist. DEGA is the true definition of unique and innovative. He has his own sound and he’s in his own lane. I really don't find many artists nowadays making similar sounding music to this.

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