Review: "Herstory In The Making" Album by Young M.A


On her new album “Herstory In The Making”, Young M.A almost has the swag of a young Jay Z in her intro track “No Mercy”, a firework that sets us up for an explosive album.

The production dazzles brilliantly amidst her quick tongue (see: “Da Come Up”) and effortless pun game (see: “Petty Wap 2”) forcing the vast majority of face-tatted male rappers to step up their game.

I’ll admit - when “Ooouuu” first came out, I wasn’t necessarily on the Young M.A train. In “Petty Wap 2”, she admits she couldn’t predict her own rise to popularity, but has been a steady hustler since day 1: “Accidentally I got famous but got rich on purpose.

But after a few freestyles culminating in the release of “Herstory In The Making”, I’m a fully converted die-hard.

She’s the full package of flow, lyrical finesse, and throaty, Don Juan attitude. She might not be the queen of RnB, but she’s definitely the Mrs. Steal Yo’ Girl of 2019.

Amidst her professions of swag and cockiness, some vulnerability peeks through, especially in “Sober Thoughts”. It’s a different side of Young M.A that’s more complex, and more serious, letting us in on some of her secrets beyond the bravado.

It’s clearly important to this artist that she be seen as more than just a tough product of the hood, and “Herstory In The Making” is a soaring accomplishment and proof of that.

That being said, Young M.A’s bars are still bulletproof, as are the diverse beats on the album. “She Like I’m Like” is about to be an anthem, with a velvety Eastern beat that flows smoothly against her hard-edged lines. 2020 is going to be all about women leading revolutions, and Young M.A is going to right up there, heading that charge as the #WCW papi of our dreams.

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