Review: High Sunday's Self-Titled Debut EP "High Sunday"

Upon first listen High Sunday's four 4-track self-titled debut EP can seem overwhelming, but once listeners get used to the alternative approach of the 7 member rap group, they get to experience the wonders of the group’s musicality and lyrical ability. 

The EP opens with “Wonderland,” which tackles the sometimes misleading allure of Los Angeles and more with vivid thought-provoking bars. The almost five-minute track has an instrumental that shifts from calming, to guitar-driven, and back as the rappers in the crew remind listeners that not everything that glitters isn’t gold. With this is in mind, they also take the time to highlight that one can still shine even in the harshest of environments. 

High Sunday abandons the social commentary in “Wonderland” a bit on the second track “Let It Go.” As the title suggests the song carries a care-free vibe, with its upbeat electronic-infused instrumental and positive message about releasing negativity. “Let It Go” is followed up by “Get There,” featuring fellow Los Angeles artist Jaq Lion, which serves as a great transition since letting go of things could also leave people in need of motivation. The track is simply about getting where you want to be.They all come together to create a relatable track with well-delivered bars and vocals floating over a rustic beat. The High Sunday close out their
EP with “Hip Hop Anonymous,” which is yet another display of how their harmonious instruments are synced with the bars and vocals present.

Essentially High Sunday start things off on a good note with their debut EP, and won’t stay anonymous to the hip-hop world for long. 

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