Review: Hunnid's "W.A.T.T.B.A.S. (What A Time To Be A Savage)" Mixtape

They say never to judge a book by it’s cover, but I recently did exactly that when I judged a project by its title. The 15 track mixtape What A Time To Be A Savage led me to believe that I was in store for some really hard bars and some really hard beats. I didn't really get what expected per say, but that doesn’t mean I was disappointed, rather I was intrigued. The title What A Time To Be A Savage is a spin on Future and Drake’s collaborative mixtape What A Time To Be Alive, and Hunnid’s project finds him putting his own personal spin on a number of popular cuts and themes. 

But to be honest this mixtape is about 6 tracks too long. After track 9 listeners essentially know what Hunnid can bring to a cut with his bar style and not so vigorous delivery. Any excitement I had for the theme was gone by “So Many” because I already heard what I needed too, didn't need to hit over the head. Sometimes less is more, a savage should know this. I'm not saying the other tracks aren't worth listening too because only you could determine that, I’m saying that you might not get to them, unless you listen to the mixtape in reverse order of course. 

Ultimately, despite its intriguing theme and a few memorable lines What A Time To Be A Savage leaves me wondering what savagery in rap means and whether Hunnid can embody it. 

Listen to Hunnid’s mixtape below to decide for yourself. 

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