Review: "International Ice" Mixtape by Dry Ice


After clicking "Play" and listening to the first few bars from this artist, you would see that Dry Ice is definitely a fitting moniker. With his complex rhyme schemes and thought provoking lyricism, this Tallahassee, Florida native is as cold as ice. Dry Ice is able to showcase his extraordinary gift on his "International Ice" mixtape. The production on this mixtape is dynamic to say the least with songs like “Passport Music” and “Isaiah 54-7” giving off an old school 90s rap vibe while songs like “Movers and Shakers”, “Black Live Madder”, and “Go Hard or Go Home” have a more modern trap sound but still with complex lyrics and vivid storytelling. Our favorite song from the "International Ice" project was the tropical sounding, “Beach Sand”. This track gives off nothing but good vibes and with its catchy hook, has the potential to become a spring/summer smash anthem.

Dry Ice music.JPG

With the release of this mixtape, Dry Ice has opened a lot of eyes, especially for us here at DCWS. It is apparent that this artist is serious about his craft and has mastered a sound that reflects this fact. Dry Ice has also developed a sound that is authentic which comes with time in the game and also enables him to stand apart from the ever diluted rap genre. We are excited to see what the future holds for this rising star and ask that you go check out his project "International Ice" posted below. 

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