Review: Kali Mac's "Grown Ass Kid" Mixtape

Kali Mac

Generally, I don’t start out with criticism toward an artist.  Artists put their soul and life blood into something that most of us workout, clean the house, or mow the lawn to.  That being said: Why is Kali Mac’s album “Grown Ass Kid” not monetized, and in a store, or on a pay for download service? I counted at least six singles.  I feel like I owe you money. 

Kali Mac’s “Grown Ass Kid” is a lesson in song making, production selection, and hook making. The whole album is as infectious as pink eye in a kindergarten class.  Kali Mac has a fast Meek Mill type flow devoid of the caffeine, and is a “hook aficionado.” Just listen to the way he belts out the chorus on the “Intro.”  It’s just incredibly catchy.  The emcee shows his versatility moving from the higher BPMed “Far From Timid” to the chill, souled out, Isley Brothers and Notorious B.I.G sampled banger “Can’t Quit.” On songs like “Not Gone Lie” which is a turn-up anthem and “U Mad” further prove that Kali knows not just how to rap, but how to make a song.  On the “Brothers Johnson sampled, “Just To Get By” themed “U Mad” featured artist “Sake Bahm” gives us a spoken word moment in the tradition of “Outkast’s” Big Rube. Well Done!!  “Childish”, a track about the antics of the opposite sex is radio ready…now. The bouncy “So Far” has the rapper respecting the journey, and reminiscing on where he came from.  “All My Life” is an underground account of the perils of growing up in Long Island, New York.  The interlude “Find My Way” is a song; a great song.  Do us and the Hip-Hop Community a favor, and add another sixteen on the end of it. Joints like “Lonely”, “Realization”, and “For You” showcase Kali_Mac’s vulnerability about family, relationship issues, and apathy.  “Getaway” (I appreciate the chop and screw at the end) illustrates the stresses and pressures of the world and “Hakuna Matata” explains how Kali conquers it all.  Every producer on “Grown Ass Kid” needs to take a bow, but I find myself saying “Who is this Lombardi Young?" 

“Grown Ass Kid" is a great mixtape.  For me it was nostalgic.  It was like “new school” “Kid N Play”, “D.J Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince” and “Slick Rick.”  But it is missing something…A barcode. 

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